Mindful Eating: Weight Loss Tips Post Bariatric Surgery

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Apr 26, 2017

Post bariatric surgery is when many patients lose the most weight and can be called the “honeymoon” period in your weight loss adventure. At this point, you’re hardly ever hungry and may have to remind yourself to eat meals. This is why developing good eating habits prior to your surgery is important, so that following the surgery and the honeymoon period, you can keep the momentum going. Employing mindful eating weight loss techniques helps continue the weight loss after the honeymoon period is over. Here are a few tips for mindful eating post bariatric surgery.

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Mindfulness and Weight Loss Surgery: 6 Tips to Remember

Posted by Jason Radecke on Thu, Apr 13, 2017

Key components to success with weight loss surgery involves regular forms of exercise and healthy eating. By making these lifestyle changes you can begin to see dramatic results post-weight loss surgery, and that’s where mindful eating comes into play. Mindful eating is a physiological way to battle mindless eating. You begin to develop a more thoughtful process with eating which will help you feel more satisfied with smaller portions of food and improve your digestion. Here are six tips for using mindful eating techniques to help with your weight loss surgery journey.

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Tags: Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

Mindful Eating Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Success

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Apr 05, 2017

In order to be successful with your weight loss surgery, one major lifestyle change necessary for success is your diet. We’ve all had the nights while watching television where we’ve eaten an entire bag of chips in disbelief. That by definition is called mindless eating. You’re so engulfed in the distraction you aren’t paying attention to how much food you're ingesting. Mindful eating is a physiological way to battle mindless eating. These mindful eating tips will help you take back control of your meals and prepare you for success with weight loss surgery.

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Top 3 Types of Weight Loss Surgery Comparison Chart

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Mar 29, 2017

You’re about to take the plunge into a healthy lifestyle, but you don’t know how to go about it. There are so many options, and knowing the types of weight loss surgeries available to you is crucial.

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Top 2 Safe and Effective Non Surgical Weight Loss Options

Posted by Jason Radecke on Wed, Mar 15, 2017

Many people have the goal of achieving significant and lasting weight loss in order to improve their personal health. The problem is that after failed attempts of dieting and exercising, people become discouraged when it comes to getting rid of the unwanted weight. There are a couple of alternatives you may take when trying to solve this obstacle. Some attempt fad diets in hopes of one of them to finally work and others look into surgical weight loss procedures for a more effective solution.

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Comparing 5 Non Surgical and Surgical Weight Loss Options

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Mar 08, 2017

Struggling with obesity can be extremely intimidating, and many people don’t know where to start. Starting with changes in your day to day life with diet and exercise are expected, but knowing your other options is important. Many people dealing with obesity struggle because they haven’t found a strategy that works best for them, or they don’t know all their options. Here are five healthy, safe and effective options for those looking to lose weight.  

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Top 10 Facts About FDA-Approved Qsymia Weight Loss

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Tue, Feb 28, 2017

For those who've thought about weight loss solutions, there are so many that are out there right now, it can be hard to decipher. For some there is surgery, for others there are stringent diet and exercise routines. But what if none of these options haven’t worked or aren’t for you? What are some solutions? Qsymia weight loss is quickly becoming one of the favorites that many doctors have begun recommending. If you have never heard of FDA-approved Qsymia weight loss before that's okay; it's still fairly new and just now gaining momentum. Here are 10 facts about this wonderful new treatment!

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Medical Weight Loss: What Qsymia Results to Expect

Posted by Jason Radecke on Wed, Feb 15, 2017

The time has come in your weight loss journey to seek out alternative methods of treatment. Simple exercise and a revamp of your nutrition just isn't doing it. Whether you are looking to take the final step and slim down for good, or you need to get your weight to a manageable number prior to surgery to take you the rest of the way, you've decided that adding in a weight-loss medication is the next logical piece of the puzzle.

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Is Medical Weight Loss with Qsymia Right for You?

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Feb 08, 2017

Achieving a happy and healthy self can be difficult, especially for those battling obesity. There are many ways to tackle the issue of obesity, and not every tactic will work best for you. Finding the best way to lose weight that fits your lifestyle is the hardest part, but each effort should be individualized. Considering the use of medical weight loss can be a new and helpful option for those who are struggling and think that surgery isn’t for them.

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How Does Bariatric Surgery and Diabetes Remission Work?

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Jan 25, 2017

As someone who may be both struggling with their weight, and facing the very scary, very real future of living with diabetes, one's future might seem dim. If you are already overweight and also suffering with diabetes, you know just how frustrating the struggles of daily life can be.

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Tags: Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes

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