STARR Treatment for Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Oct 03, 2012

What if one tiny incision was all it took for you to begin rapidly losing your excess weight? It probably sounds impossible, but it’s not. Through advancements in medicine and technology, the next generation of minimally invasive bariatric surgery is emerging. With the STARR Treatment, one incision could be all it takes for you to start losing weight and regaining your health.

Minimally invasive, or laparoscopic, surgeries have a variety of advantages for patients. The small incisions made during laparoscopic procedures often reduce a patient’s recovery time, pain, and scarring, when compared to open procedures. Laparoscopic weight loss procedures, like Lap-Band and Lap-Sleeve, are often preferred to open weight loss surgeries because of these benefits.


What is the STARR Treatment?

Recovery time, pain and scarring are often major concerns for patients considering bariatric surgery. Minimally invasive bariatric surgeries have a variety of advantages for patients. The few, small incisions made during these laparoscopic procedures often reduce a patient’s recovery time, pain, and scarring. With the STARR Treatment, you may even only require one incision depending on certain factors.

STARR, which stands for “surgical tiny access and rapid recovery,” is an advanced technique that often allows your surgery to be performed through one tiny, barely visible incision. The STARR Treatment is one of the least invasive options for bariatric surgery.

Since it involves such a small amount of cutting, patients who have this surgery often experience rapid recovery, minimal pain and almost no scarring. This treatment, performed by only a few bariatric surgery specialists in the U.S., was specifically designed to improve gastric band and gastric sleeve procedures.

How does the STARR Treatment work?

Patients who have the STARR Treatment often only require a single incision, allowing them to return to their normal lives faster.

This surgery is performed using the SPIDER Surgical System. Your doctor will insert this tube shaped system into your abdomen, through a tiny incision made on or near your belly button. The tube is only about the size of a dime (18mm), but it’s equipped with a camera and all of the instruments your doctor will need to perform your surgery.

Once inside, the tube opens like an umbrella, revealing multiple operative “arms” and a tiny camera, which your surgeon will use to complete your procedure. When the surgery is over, the tools and camera fold back up into the tube. The tube is then removed through the same tiny incision.

The thought of surgery can be scary. But the reduced recovery time, pain and scarring made possible by this surgical option can make the idea much easier to swallow. If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and are a good candidate for bariatric surgery, ask a bariatric surgery specialist if the STARR treatment is right for you.

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