How Do Weight Loss Powders Work and Are They Safe

Posted by Patrick Domkowski on Wed, Apr 01, 2020

Losing weight, especially before or after bariatric surgery, requires a lot of patience and dedication. People are often tempted by the idea of supplements to help speed up the process. If you’re interested in looking into weight loss powder, it may seem like any other workout or protein supplement. However, these powders aren’t always optimal for your health. In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at how these weight loss powders work, and what you need to watch out for.


How They Work

Many weight loss powders advertise that they are great for meal replacements. Many of them are full of various vitamins and minerals and have high levels of protein. They claim to be able to help people lose weight by replacing one or more of your meals with a shake.

These powders advertise that they can help people lose weight because they are calibrated to give your body large amounts of protein in as few calories as possible. This is intended to put your body at a calorie deficit while still providing all the nutrients it needs to operate.

Your body should then be able to convert the fat it stored previously into fuel, because the fuel from calories stored in your muscles, called glycogen, is not available to it. Then, your body enters into ketosis and rapidly burns the fat it has available, which helps it drop weight rapidly.


Why You Need To Be Wary

Weight loss powders and shakes should not fully replace your meals unless you’ve consulted with a doctor. While these powders are full of nutrients, they aren’t comparable to getting your nutrients from real, healthy foods. Everyone has different needs when it comes to how many calories you should consume each day. When you incorporate drinks made from weight loss powders, it can be difficult to monitor that you are on track with your nutrition plan.

In addition, these powders are known for being high in sugar. Cutting out unnecessary sugar from your diet is typically part of a weight loss plan. It’s counterproductive to add in a meal replacement shake that is high in sugar even if it’s high in nutrients. This is especially concerning if you have any form of diabetes. Make sure to read the label before commiting to a shake that may be hurting you more than helping you.


The Case Studies to Watch Out For

You will see many testimonials praising weight loss powder as a miracle product, but buyer beware. Be careful trusting any weight loss powder that promises unrealistic results, especially if these claims mention losing weight without exercising or having a healthy diet. You should also look out for people promoting weight loss products for profit. Many of these people are given products to promote, even if they’ve never used them, and are often not certified health or nutrition professionals.

In reality, there are no shortcuts for healthy weight loss. In order to reach your goals, it’s important to exercise, eat healthy and seek the help of a medical professional. While the process can take time and be difficult, your body will thank you for taking the safe route. More importantly, maintaining a healthy weight loss journey will lead to long-term results.

Checking the labels and knowing the contents of what you are putting in your body is key for living a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss powders can work if you choose the right one and use it appropriately. If you want to set up a consultation with our team of experts to go over a weight loss plan that’s right for you click here!


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