Medical Weight Loss: What Qsymia Results to Expect

Posted by Jason Radecke on Wed, Feb 15, 2017

The time has come in your weight loss journey to seek out alternative methods of treatment. Simple exercise and a revamp of your nutrition just isn't doing it. Whether you are looking to take the final step and slim down for good, or you need to get your weight to a manageable number prior to surgery to take you the rest of the way, you've decided that adding in a weight-loss medication is the next logical piece of the puzzle.

The good news is that there are plenty of options for you in this area, and that together with your doctor and loved ones, you can come up with a plan that will ensure your success and keep you on the road to a healthy future!

Recently, the FDA has released the results of, and approved for use, four new weight loss drugs that are sure to be vital components in the battle against obesity. Today we take a look at the top of the heap, a drug known as Qsymia, which performed the best out of this latest grouping.

Qsymia saw a median success rate of 75% in helping its patients lose 5% or more of their body weight after a one year period of taking the drug. This beat out the other three weight-loss drugs by a 12, 26, and 31% margin, respectively. It absolutely crushed the placebo, which had a very low 23% success rate.

Clearly, a weight loss drug like Qsymia can show startling and life-changing results for those who take it as part of their weight loss regimen. Qsymia has also been shown, when combined with proper diet and exercise, to contribute to four times as much weight loss for patients with a BMI of 30+, than just traditional exercise and diet alone. This is a huge breakthrough for anyone looking to take that next step and get their life back in order!

Qsymia is no quick fix, and should not be treated as a miracle pill that will solve all of your problems, require no additional work from you, nor should it be considered an alternative to healthy living, proper diet, and routine exercise. A weight loss drug like Qsymia is a commitment, that will show results over a long period of time (a year duration was the time frame used for the study, and results will typically show themselves most effectively in a similar time frame). Losing weight over a longer period of time is the safest, most effective way at both keeping your body healthy, and keeping the weight off. Drastic measures typically result in rebounding to old habits and regaining weight recently lost.

If Qsymia sounds like a good addition to your weight loss strategy, the next step is speaking with your doctor about a tailor-made program for you, and seeing if it would be a good fit. Each regimen is personal, as each person's body is different and requires different treatment.


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