How Your Diabetes Changes After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by Jason Radecke on Thu, Sep 19, 2013

Weight loss surgery works wonders in patients dealing with obesity. Weight loss surgery reduces the amount of food patients are able to consume and digest. This is due to removal of part of the stomach and possible rerouting the small intestine in order to provide some malabsorption depending upon the weight loss surgery chosen. A lower calorie lifestyle continues to cause dramatic weight loss for a continued time after discharged from surgery.

Because weight loss surgery is so successful in dealing with obesity, it has been noted as a way to control diabetes. After all, obesity is considered a major risk factor for diabetes. Weight loss surgery is able to regulate, and in most cases lead to the remission of diabetes. However, it goes beyond the fact of just sheer weight loss. Your diabetes changes after weight loss surgery, and in some cases, can be cured altogether.

shutterstock 136387508Weight loss surgery causes inflammation to decrease or disappear altogether. Inflammation causes the body to produce more and more insulin to control blood glucose levels. This can eventually can wear on the pancreas and insulin levels may drop, which leads to diabetes. This is why patients need to regulate their insulin levels through an insulin pump. With the remission of inflammation, insulin levels can become naturally regulated.

A big reason your diabetes changes after weight loss surgery is due to your body now being able to regulate insulin levels. Weight loss surgery can lead to remission of diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes often leads to kidney problems, heart attacks, strokes, amputations, and in some cases, death. Although these can also happen non-diabetic people as well, diabetes greatly increases your chances of suffering from them.

Riverside Surgical & Weight Loss Center puts the patient first. Contact us today to discuss your diabetes, and the changes weight loss surgery can have on your lifestyle. 


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